Nicholas Ingalls

Geospatial Software Engineer

I'm a Full Stack developer with a focus on geospatial data and solutions. I have extensive experience working on parts of the entire geospatial stack, from sourcing data, building reliable and tested data pipelines, to designing and implementing performant REST endpoints used by thousands of customers and serving millions of requests. I'm familiar with a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and tools, from python, java, NodeJS, to more recent languages such as Rust.


Development Seed
January 2020 - Present

Map Data & ML Infrastructure Engineer

At Development Seed I am currently focusing on production deployment infrastructure of models produced by our ML team. In the past few months, I have been:
Designing and implementing a robust ML inference and storage service for use across our teams and clients
Building out algorithms & command line tools to automate map data creation from both raster and vector sources
Working with our core ML team to further automate & their work
Remote, Bishop, CA
November 2014 - Present

Open Source Data Pipeline & ETL Framework

Co-Founded OpenAddresses, the first project to take on creating a freely licensed, national address data set sourced from authoritative data. Since its inception the project has expanded to include address data worldwide. It soon will be expanding even futher to track building, street, and parcel data.
April 2014 - January 2020

Geocoding & Geospatial Data Pipelines

As the first full-time search engineer, I designed and built many of the core systems and architecture that power the Mapbox Search API today. These achievements include:
Designing and implementing an ETL pipleline that cleans, validates, and conflates thousands of disparate data sources into Hecate, our persistent data store
Using datasets produced through machine learning to tag, categorize and improve address data
Introducing algorithmic improvements to our search engine to improve support for different address formats and retrieval accuracy
Remote, Seneca Rocks, WV
Seneca Rocks Climbing School & The Gendarme
Spring 2016 - Present

Retail Manager & Climbing Guide

Design, build, and implement the custom CMS for scheduling guides, booking, and client management
Manage day to day operations at the Gendarme, including inventory management, sales, & supply.
Seneca Rocks, WV
University of New Brunswick
Sept 2013 - April 2014

Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering

My passion for maps and software development led me to be accepted in the University of New Brunswick's Geodesy & Geomatics program. After two semesters in the program, with encouragement from my advisors, I accepted an offer at Mapbox, to be the 37th hire, building the future of online mapping.
University of New Brunswick
Software Projects

Hobbies & Certificates

I bring the same passion & focus that I give to my job, to my hobbies. When I'm not teaching new climbers, I can be found paddling the many remote rivers of West Virginia or exploring new cave systems with local cavers.


National Registry of EMTs

Wilderness First Responder

Wilderness Medical Assoc.

Single Pitch Instructor

American Mountain Guiding Assoc.


American Institute for Avalanche Research & Education

Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician

Rescue 3 International

General License

FCC - Amateur Radio